Who am i?


Hello, you must be new to my site.

I am Manfred „Ripper.at“ L.
I am from Austria and I was born in 1994.

I have had my nickname „Ripper.at“ since I was little.
I used to be called Mafia147 or something like that, but then I realized that there were tens of millions of „Mafia“. So my brother came and told me the story about „Jack the Ripper“, this fascinated me so much that I decided to call myself in „Ripper“.
But that’s not all, I am proud to be an Austrian, that’s why the ending „.at“.

How did I start?
Well, at the age of 5 or 6 I had my first contact with gaming, at that time it was a „Pizza Simulator“ on floppy disk.
After the PC’s got better and better I got in contact with better games through my brother.
At that time I started to search Counter-Strike 1.5, mostly only „SuperHeroMod“ server. Then came 1.6 and there I played mainly „Warcraft Mod“. After some time my brother came home again with a key for World of Warcraft. Then my world was torn from the hinges.
It was the most fascinating game ever.
Now I’m a bit older and I don’t regret a single minute I spent playing.

Why do I have a page?
Simple, I want to show the world that I am the only true „Ripper.at“.

What do I expect?
I do not expect anything.
I love to play.
I stream because my internet allows it.
I make Youtube videos because I think it could be entertaining.
Am I an influencer?